Sticker FAQ's

Our stickers/wall art can be applied to most surfaces which are smooth, they can include, smooth wallpaper, drywall, plaster, paint, glass, windows, mirrors, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, laptops, tablets, cars, vans, boats......The list is endless - use your imagination!

They, are cut out of many different coloured vinyl's and will have no background when applied. Each sticker is weeded by hand to reveal the cut out design. An application tape is applied to each sticker/wall art to make it's application easy. This temporary tape allows your sticker/wall art to be removed from it's paper backing and applied to the surface. Once the sticker/wall art is applied, the paper and the application tape are thrown away, leaving it on the new surface.

Stickers - The How to...

How do I remove wall stickers?

This is by far the most asked question. The most important aspect to removing the sticker is to remove them very slowly and gently (if they are ripped off and not gently eased of the walls then damage can occur). Use a hairdryer on a very low setting to help soften the adhesive of a more stubborn sticker to assist with removal. Use the removed vinyl to remove any residual adhesive from the wall.

Do wall stickers stick to all wall surfaces?

They are best stuck to plaster walls, glass windows, mirrors, tiles etc. and as long as your wall is smooth and flat and correctly prepared they will stick to your wall. However, if your walls are too rough, such as textured walls, then the sticker may not stay applied.

What are wall stickers and what are they made of?

Image Cut wall stickers are made from a thin matt or gloss vinyl product. This gives them the appearance of a hand-painted appearance. The vinyl is thin and strong, so even your children will have a difficult time trying to pull them off.

Is my wall sticker re-usable? Can I take it down and use it again?

Wall stickers are NOT reusable. Whilst the adhesive keeps your sticker firmly in place, it is also simple to remove your sticker when you’re ready for a change. Removing a sticker will cause it to stretch out of shape, and to lose any adhesion left, meaning it won’t be suitable for reuse.Can I stick my wall decal to a wall I've just painted straight away?If you've just decorated, our advice would be to wait at least 4 weeks before applying your wall sticker. This will ensure your paint is totally dry. However, all paint is different, so this is only a guide.

Are the wall stickers supplied in one piece?

Most of our wall stickers come in one piece but some larger stickers may come in several pieces, to make fitting them easier.

Are wall stickers easy to apply?

Yes. We supply full instructions with every order, so you can enjoy a fantastic result.

Can I use wall stickers in my bathroom?

Yes, wall stickers are a great way to add style to your bathroom. Make sure your walls are dry when you apply the sticker. Allow at least 2-3 hours after you’ve bathed or showered. Your bathroom must be free from steam before applying.

I have just placed my order how long till my order is shipped ?

Please allow 5-7 days (UK) and 10-17 days (Internationally) delivery from your date of order. All orders are shipped using Royal Mail.